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Company presentation

Huonekalutehdas Seppänen Oy

Huonekalutehdas Seppänen Oy manufactures handcrafted Finnish wooden furniture in Petäjävesi, Central Finland.

The company’s aim is to co-operate with furniture stores and interior designers, so that the needs of the customers are considered when manufacturing furniture.


My family’s furniture-making tradition was started by my father’s grandfather, Pekka Seppänen (b.12.6.1878) at the turn of the 1800/1900’s. “Ukko” Pekka Seppänen manufactured home furniture and, among other things, barrels.

After passing through several product families and a diverse corporate history, we ended up buying our own industrial property in Petäjävesi in Central Finland in 2013.

During 2018 – 2019, we expanded our premises in Petäjävesi by building a new, more efficient production site next to the former handicraft production. My son Niilo Seppänen also joined in to add his strength to the business.

Made in Petäjävesi – Finland

We now manufacture fine furniture at two production locations.

The product families Jalo, Eko, Astro, Lord, Valanti and other products are created here in beautiful Lake Finland, from where they then move on to Norway, Sweden and all over Finland.


Kimmo Seppänen

Entrepreneur, managing director, marketing, production control.

Tel. +358 400 845 498

Harri Ohvo

Marketing, Sweden

Tel. +46 70 467 3665

Niilo Seppänen

Entrepreneur, work management, production 2, social media.

Tel. +358 400 746 924